Alison M

Been going to Sara for years and she’s the best Chiropractor I’ve ever used! I had to share this week’s experience as once again I’ve been amazed at how good it is for your health and wellbeing to have Sara at the end of a message when you need her! I found myself in agony on Thursday with an arm I could hardly move and nerve pain that was bringing me to tears every time I moved my arm. Forget a call to the Dr (I’ve been there years ago) just messaged Sara saying how much pain I was in and after a very prompt reply and a couple of sessions (and a few swear words during the sessions) I’m on the road to recovery. Sleeping already and loads more pain free movement. Sara, I know you spent years studying to become a Chiropractor and you know your stuff, but it still amazes me how quickly you can “fix” me when I seriously think I’m broken! Much love

Dora KM

Sara is amazing! I had horrible pain in my back n leg for past 6 years to the point where i'd to take very strong pain killers. As an busy working mum it was unbearable!!! It only took her 10 session to help me dramatically. I'd recommend her to anyone even if they not in pain!

Joanne C

Sara is absolutely amazing at what she does!!!! My posture has improved SO much along with my confidence, wouldn't go to anybody else! Such a wee genius

Nicola F

Sara has made me so much better in a few weeks! I was in so much pain with a back injury and after my first visit I was amazed at what she was able to tell me and do for me! After 3 weeks visiting twice a week I noticed a massive improvement! It’s not been easy but it’s been totally worth it! Thanks so much Sara x

Duncan B

I can't recommend Sara enough! I train at a high level and have suffered a few decent injuries. From our first meeting, I stand so much taller, and my pain has eased! She talked me through everything & explained what she would be doing, answering any questions. Sara is very friendly and makes you feel at ease. I find myself looking forward to my next appointments! 10/10!!